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I am a freelance writer & editor based out of Oakland/San Francisco. I write on the environment, energy, business, technology and finance. I spent over seven years in Greater China, with four of those years covering energy & the environment from Beijing. I was the media coordinator for a non-profit in DC that promoted the use of social and environmental criteria in investment decisions.

I’ve written extensively on China’s burgeoning energy and environmental sectors.

I was the researcher for Jeremy Haft’s book “All the Tea in China.”

In late 2012, I left my day job, bought a bike and cycled from Chengdu, China through Laos and Thailand. You can see my adventures at Biking2Paradise.

Originally from Minnesota, I’ve lived in Washington, DC, Denver, London, Seattle, Beijing, Shanghai, Taipei, and Singapore.


I hold a master’s degree in public policy from the London School of Economics and a bachelor’s degree from Colorado College. I’ve studied Chinese at National Taiwan University in Taipei (ICLP), Fudan University in Shanghai and Nankai University in Tianjin.

Pre-2014 Articles

The following small selection of articles are all behind a paywall.

China hits new oil demand growth

China shale gas require western partnerships

Clause and Effect, (editorial on China's uneven implementation of WTO requirements for oil and gas)

CNOOC bids high for Nexen

Conventional gasoline demand growth to slow

Import deals raise prospect of Chinese surplus

Oil firms tweak growth strategy

China sets up oil spill fund

Doubts emerge of nuclear target

Analysis – Financial brake on China oil firms

China makes progress on energy intensity targets

Guangdong launches pilot emissions trading scheme

Questions raised over China unconventional gas sector

Shenzhen CO2 scheme to start trading in 2013

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