Environmentalist | Writer | Mother

Photo by Alana Range

Berlin-based Writer and Editor

Welcome to my spot on the internet!

I write short humor pieces and screenplays. My half-hour dramedy pilot Outsourced was a quarterfinalist for the Filmmatic Inroads Fellowship in 2022.

You can find some of my short humor pieces below.

Before I moved to Germany, I traveled to coal mines in Mongolia, wrote about the illegal use of additives in gasoline in China, represented proxy voters at investor meetings in Texas, explained financial swaps to Chinese wind companies, and championed renewable energy.

I've traveled extensively throughout Asia. Back in 2012, I bought a $300 Giant bicycle, left my job in Beijing and rode through China, Laos, and Thailand with my fiancé.

I speak Chinese (真的). I live in Germany. It would probably be better for me to speak German.

I'm a feminist and a mother of three.

I Like Learning

I hope you do too.

In case you care about things like where I've studied, I have a MSc in Public Policy from the London School of Economics. I have a B.A. in International Political Science and Asian Studies from Colorado College. I also studied Chinese language at National Taiwan University.

I've taken writing classes through UC Berkeley, the Grotto in San Francisco, Left Margin Lit in Berkeley, the Reader Berlin, Comedy Cafe Berlin, and most recently through Second City.

Read some of my satire, please!